About Us

Who we are

We pride ourselves on NOT being a typical accounting firm. Accountants have a reputation for being 'bean counters' and for good reason. It's easy to get caught up in the systems and rules of accounting and tax and to overlook the big picture - helping clients prosper. We've turned this around. Our client's success is our number one goal.

Our Team

Max Fiander - CPA

Max is a long time Airdrie resident and loves working with local businesses. Max worked at the Canada Revenue Agency for many years in the Criminal Investigations Unit prior to starting his own accounting firm 25 years ago. This experience has given him a full understanding of the complexity of the CRA and this knowledge is invaluable in serving our clients.

Marnie Marr - CPA

Marnie started her career at a large international accounting firm primarily working in the audit and tax departments. Upon moving to Airdrie several years ago, Marnie joined Max and Fiander Marr was created. She loves working in a local firm and feeling that she is contributing to the financial success of Fiander Marr clients.

Why Choose a Professional Accountant?

There is only one professional accounting designation in Canada, Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs). CPAs have a minimum of 6 years of full time University education in accounting and business. They have also completed a minimum of 3 years of on-the-job training working with a Chartered Professional Accountant and supervised by the CPA Association. Fully trained CPAs are required to complete continuous ongoing education and upgrading. Tax laws are frequently changing and it is essential that accountants keep up to date on all of the changes.

In Canada, anyone can call themselves an accountant or tax preparer and file taxes for clients. The Canada Revenue Agency does not regulate this at all. There are many people in the accounting industry who call themselves accountants but they actually have little to no education or training in the field. They are usually bookkeepers with a very basic knowledge of accounting and tax. This often ends up costing their clients in extra tax and penalties as, in Canada, the taxpayer is responsible for any errors in their tax filings.

Chartered Professional Accountants are required to carry liability insurance and are held to a standard of care in their work.

Whether you choose Fiander Marr or another accounting firm, we strongly recommend that you work only with a Chartered Professional Accountant. We have seen too many people suffer devastating consequences by using unqualified accountants.